24 November 2011

I'm Thankful For

Today I'm thankful for the folks at Glenfarclas who, more than 30 years ago, created the spirit that I am going to enjoy tonight with our Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie and bread pudding. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - a time to gather with loved ones, count our many blessings and consume ridiculous quantities of food and drink.

Glenfarclas is an independently owned distillery in Speyside whose whiskies are in the traditional Speyside style with a heavy sherry influence. Glenfarclas means valley of the green grass, and it is truly in a peaceful, beautiful location.

The Glenfarclas 10 is one of my favorite "weekend away whiskies" because I can pick up a half bottle in duty free on my way out of town.

Today, I have my eye on one with a bit more depth for this special occasion.

Glenfarclas 30
Color: rich dark gold
Aroma: sweet toffee, marzipan, fruit and nuts
Taste: cinnamon, clove, lush, Christmas pudding in a glass
Pairs well with truffles and petits fours or just on its own.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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